Our Story

Brandspanking provides (web)development, dynamic video, and post-production services for advertising campaigns. We execute our client’s multimedia projects with high efficiency by listening to and engaging with our clients and streamlining the technological implementation of digital content.

The founders of Brandspanking come from a background in computer and information technology (IT). While working on projects we found new ways to work more effectively, efficiently and faster with media projects keeping the chain of people short and technical know-how high to better serve our partners and clients.

Through our process of optimization we conceived our very own dynamic video platform, Canvas, that is perfect for personalization, localization, adoption, social content, product videos and other custom solutions for automated video. We leverage our Canvas platform to generate and deliver high quality dynamic videos.

Learn more and see inspirational examples by visiting our Canvas website.

Our Mission

To be the catalyst for our partners at whatever stage a media project is, be it from conception to completion, we connect craftsmanship with innovation and provide the highest level of quality work.