Albert Heijn | Personal New Year's Wishes



Leveraging our advanced personal video platform, Canvas, we coupled loyalty-card data with a happy new year video which gave birth to a smooth quarter-of-a-million unique personalized assets for Albert Heijn.

Working closely together with TBWA, CZAR and AH we gave briefings and advised on personalized video/data, conducted the VFX supervision, online editing, visual effects and the personalized content rendering which then was hosted on a dedicated private server within Amazon Aws. 

Client: Albert Heijn
Agency: TBWA\Neboko
Director: Kay Lindhout
Creatives: Hannah Mulder + Sam de Greef
Edit: Thomas Kamphuis
Production: CZAR
Grade: Philip Post Production
Sound: TBWA/Neboko
Online: Brandspanking
Mailing: Yourzine