Breda | Van Gogh 125 years of inspiration



Brandspanking developed an installation for the new train station in Breda, commissioned by the municipality of Breda. The assignment had 2 conditions: the relationship with Vincent van Gogh and the city of Breda and the landscape should be visible moving images.

It was exactly 125 years ago since Vincent van Gogh died. He was born in the nearby village of Zundert and was regularly found in the vicinity of Breda. In his early sketches we see a lot of Brabant scenes and landscapes.

Stroll along with Vincent Van Gogh by Brabant today. Weathers. Along the willows, meadows, farms and parks. Breda along famous locations like the Great Church, the MOTI museum, Belcrum Beach and Park Valkenberg.

The animation, inside the installation, created from real ink drawings continuously changes and adapts to the time, climate and events in the city of Breda. Making each walk a unique experience.

Client: Municipality of Breda
Arjan Elenbaas
Construction: Studio Kocks
Installation: Brandspanking