When you visit this site, some data is stored by our partner, we disabled the analytics cookies and the activity log. We still save anonymized visitor data for visitor statistics, but save you the hassle of a cookie banner. handles your anonymized data in the following way:

Contact form

When filling out the contact form, that data is send to our Google G Suit account and stored in our cloud mailbox. Since we store and backup almost all communications, the inputted data is only removed at your request.

Google Cloud handles all our email communication in the following way:


When inserting your email address it gets stored in our Goolge G Suit mailbox (See contact form for more details) and can be used to contact you directly.


After calling our office, your (or company's) name and number can be stored in our external address book for further contact. The number can be removed at your request.

Our phone system and phone book are managed by